Safer driving by eliminating phone distractions


  • Families with teenage drivers
  • Drivers who are prone to texting
The SmartSafe is a revolutionary USPTO patent approved anti-texting device intended to be an add on package, modifying existing automobiles console to the Smart Safe specifications.

This device is aimed at teenage drivers or those prone to texting while driving. The primary safety feature of the SmartSafe is a “smart start” system, which prevents the car from starting while the driver’s phone is unsecured. Once, the phone is locked into the smart safe, the car can be driven once again. This product prevents texting while the driver is operating the vehicle by securing not just the smartphone, but other devices such as Apple Watch and Smart Glasses.

How it Works

After entering the car, the driver will push a button on the SmartSafe console, which will send a text to the driver’s phone confirming “yes” to verify that the smartphone is registered within the
Smart Safe. Once, the driver confirms “yes”, and pushes the button on Smart Safe console it will open and the driver will place their phone inside. The phone will be connected to an internal USB charger, before locking shut. When the driver reaches their destination, he or she will push a button on the Smart Safe to unlock the phone, only after the system detects that the vehicle is safely parked.


Main Features

  • UV-C LED strips to sanitize the devices
  • Charging unit for any devices placed inside
  • Devices are kept in the sealed console unit
  • Integration with hands-free navigation apps on a vehicle’s dashboard such as Amazon Alexa, Waze, Google Maps and more
  • Cooling fan to keep devices at the manufacturer-recommended temperature
  • UV lamps to sanitize the device(s)
  • Capable of securely holding other valuables
  • An EMS battery to prevent any radiation that may be emitted from the phone.
  • A convenient sunglasses and wallet holder
  • Colored LED light strips for a fun ambiance within the safe as well as infrared lights on the left and right walls of the unit inside
  • Two falcon wings with soundproof padding to prevent potential distraction to the driver (from a text alert, for example)

External Add-ons

  • Overide concept in the event your phone is lost is patent pending (video coming soon)
  • A Glade air freshener
  • A transmitter that can sync with the driver’s smart home systems and automatically trigger lighting profiles, smart appliances, or open the garage door when the car arrives in the driveway
  • The transmitter can also automatically call for police assistance in the event of an accident
  • A voice recognition microphone with Alexa and Garmin Speak integration that can provide driving directions or purchase songs heard on the radio in iTunes

2018 Texting & Driving Statistics

The CDC and National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving causes an alarming number of accidents each year. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving is “a dangerous epidemic on American roadways.”





Of all car accidents

Existing Solutions Are Not Working

Reviews for existing Distracted Driving app’s (seen below) illustrate a serious need for a better solution.

Making an Impact

SmartSafe is an innovative product for automobiles that aims to prevent texting while driving. The console interior is equipped with UV-C LED strips to sanitize the driver’s phone or other gadgets registered with the SmartSafe, all of which will prevent any virus from spreading. An ems battery will eliminate radiation from the smartphone. The SmartSafe also has soundproof padding, which will prevent the driver from being distracted from any calls, text messages, or other notifications

About the Developer

Tarkan Bastiyali

Tarkan Bastiyali


Tarkan Bastiyali was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, on November 14, 1977, to a German-Turkish family. He is an entrepreneur and recently an inventor.

After graduating from the New York University Department of History with honors in 2000, Tarkan successfully converted his family’s building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan into a one-of-a-kind textile boutique building that has been featured several times in the magazine Home Textiles Today.

In 2006, Tarkan opened the Midtown Loft and Terrace in New York City. The venue’s two top floors have hosted events for many Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Yelp, IBM, Samsung, Facebook, Salesforce, Ralf Lauren, Disney, and Universal Studios. On weekends, the venue hosts weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and sweet sixteen parties. The venue has been featured on NBC’s The Apprentice and Hollywood movies such as The Girl on the Train. Tarkan has also helped many charity organizations by offering the use of the venue as a donation. The event space is also well known in Europe, particularly in the U.K., and has hosted many corporate and wedding clients hailing from the U.K.

Tarkan’s motivation is to have a positive impact on the world. The most important day for many people is their wedding day, and for the past 16 years, Tarkan has made his space affordable for wedding clients, and as of 2019, it has won the Bridal Choice Award from Wedding Wire for Ten years in a row.

In 2019, Tarkan Bastiyali was inducted into Marquis Who’s Who in America.

Between 2017 and 2019, Tarkan filed for seven patents, three of which were approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Protection Agency (USTPA), with others pending. In 2020 to help out with the pandemic, Tarkan and his wife Viktoriya are exporting a high-tech sanitizer unit from Europe to the United States that not only disinfects your hands and personal belongings with UV lighting but also checks a person’s temperature. It’s the only machine in the world that offers so many features. Tarkan and his wife Viktoriya also have exclusive rights to sell this revolutionary product to the United States and own the domain and filed for this brand’s trademarks.

In 2020, Tarkan also launched, showcasing all of his patented inventions.

Tarkan married his wife Viktoriya in 2005. The couple has a daughter, Aryanna, and a son, Adryan. Tarkan credits most of his success to his wife’s support and partnership. Tarkan also enjoys hobbies such as boating, tennis, and basketball. Tarkan resides in the Upper East Side during the week and at a house in Southampton on the weekends.


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