Safer driving by eliminating phone distractions


  • Families with teenage drivers
  • Trucking fleet companies dedicated to improving driver safety and ensuring the safety of all road users
  • Drivers who are prone to texting

The SmartSafe is a revolutionary USPTO patent approved anti-texting device intended to be an add-on package, modifying existing automobiles console to the Smart Safe specifications.

This device is aimed at teenage drivers, truck drivers, or those prone to texting while driving. The primary safety feature of the SmartSafe is a “smart start” system, which prevents the car from starting while the driver’s phone is unsecured. Once the phone is locked into the smart safe, the car can be driven once again. This product prevents texting while the driver is operating the vehicle by securing the smartphone and other devices such as Apple Watch and Smart Glasses.

How it Works

After entering the car, the driver will push a button on the SmartSafe console, which will send a text to the driver’s phone confirming “yes” to verify that the smartphone is registered within the Smart Safe. Once the driver confirms “yes,” and pushes the button on SmartSafe console, it will open, and the driver will place their phone inside. The phone will be connected to an internal USB charger before locking shut. When the driver reaches their destination, they will push a button on the SmartSafe to unlock the phone, only after the system detects that the vehicle is safely parked.

 OEM Concept


Main Features

  • UV-C LED strips to sanitize the devices
  • Charging unit for any devices placed inside
  • Devices are kept in the sealed console unit
  • Integration with hands-free navigation apps on a vehicle’s dashboard, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto , Amazon Alexa, Waze, and others.
  • Cooling fan to keep devices at the manufacturer-recommended temperature
  • Capable of securely holding other valuables
  • An EMS battery to prevent any radiation emitted from the phone.
  • A convenient sunglasses and wallet holder
  • Colored LED light strips for a fun ambiance within the safe as well as infrared lights on the left and right walls of the unit inside.
  • Two falcon wings with soundproof padding to prevent potential distraction to the driver (from a text alert, for example)
  • To prevent theft, the smart safe generates a code required to start the car.
  • Those messaging the driver will receive a text with the driver’s estimated arrival time from the navigation system.
  • The SmartSafe app for trucking fleets includes a punch clock feature that calculates driver pay based on the time the phone is in the console.
  • To comply with the NHTSA Halt law using the SmartSafe app, alcohol-impaired drivers must complete a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test using the camera feature on their smartphone before starting the car. Advanced AI technology will analyze the driver’s eye movements to detect any signs of involuntary jerking, which could indicate impairment. If the AI detects such signs, the car will not start, helping to prevent drunk driving incidents.
  • To comply with the NHTSA Halt law using the SmartSafe app, alcohol-impaired drivers must answer security questions clearly to start the car, with AI determining their impairment.
  • To comply with the NHTSA Halt law using the SmartSafe app, drivers must pass a visual reaction task to ensure they are not drowsy before starting the vehicle. Advanced AI technology assesses the driver’s alertness to determine their fitness to drive.

External Add-ons

  • A transmitter that can sync with the driver’s smart home systems and automatically trigger lighting profiles, smart appliances or open the garage door when the car arrives in the driveway
  • The transmitter can also automatically call for police assistance in the event of an accident.
  • A voice recognition microphone with Alexa and Garmin Speak integration can provide driving directions or purchase songs heard on the radio.
  • Override concept in the event your phone is lost (patent pending)

2021 Texting & Driving Statistics

The CDC and National Safety Council report that cell phone use while driving causes an alarming number of accidents each year. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving is “a dangerous epidemic on American roadways.”




Of all car accidents

Existing Solutions Are Not Working

Reviews for existing Distracted Driving app’s (seen below) illustrate a serious need for a better solution.

Making an Impact

SmartSafe is an innovative product for automobiles that aims to prevent texting while driving. The console interior is equipped with UV-C LED strips to sanitize the driver’s phone or other gadgets registered with the SmartSafe, all of which will prevent any virus from spreading. An ems battery will eliminate radiation from the smartphone. The SmartSafe also has soundproof padding, which will prevent the driver from being distracted from any calls, text messages, or other notifications.

Meet the Inventor

After graduating from the New York University Department of History with honors in 2000, Tarkan successfully converted his family’s building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan into a one-of-a-kind textile boutique building. The building was featured several times in the magazine Home Textiles Today. To learn more about the property , visit

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Between 2017 and 2019, Tarkan filed for eleven patents, five of which were approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Protection Agency (USTPA), with others pending. In 2019, Tarkan Bastiyali was also inducted into Marquis Who’s Who in America.

In 2020, Tarkan launched Bastiyali Inventions, showcasing patented inventions and futuristic concepts. To learn more, visit In 2020 Tarkan co-founded Smart Sanitizer and had sponsorship in NASCAR and the NHRA. To learn about the product, visit On October 10, 2021, the driver Justin Ashley of the smart sanitizer car won the NHRA Texas Fall Nationals. With that victory, the driver had an overall ranking of 3 out of 40 in the NHRA.






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